Locations in Mecklenburg´s ParkLand

Exploding colors in spring and autumn: Fruit and rape blossom on the one hand, Indian Summer on the other side. Between them, as cheerful splash of color, our farmhouses, villages, parks and avenues. No civilization noise, but courting cranes, roaring stags, toads advertiser and croaking tree frogs lay the acoustic sound carpet here. In contrast, clear, sharp contours and wasteful vastness and silence in winter.

In this environment, it is easy to let your thoughts freely and creativity arise. The Mecklenburg Parkland offers time and quiet to go in small laps in retreat, but also the space to communicate new ideas. Teamwork and assertiveness are needed in tractor pulling or Boot Throwing.
Find joy and relaxation in relaxed corporate events in our farmhouses. The region is perfectly accessible by connecting to the A19 and A20. The Laage Airport is located virtually on your "front door".
Meetings, seminars, conferences, events, etc. - Brainstorming and relaxed working.

The Mecklenburg Parkland knows no limits ...